Horticentre Charitable Trust

The New Zealand Horticentre Charitable Trust was established in 2008 to provide ‘A helping hand for horticulture’.

The Trust encourages Horticulture and Viticulture sector groups to apply for grants to assist them in the promotion of education, training & research in New Zealand.​


The NZ Horticentre Trust receives funds from the trading activities of the Horticentre Group. The Horticentre Group has ten branches across New Zealand, trading as Horticentre, TasmanCrop and HortFertplus. These three principal sponsors have been providing quality products and in-field technical advice to commercial crop growers since the 1980s.

The Horticentre Trust is proud to be:

  • 100% New Zealand owned

  • Actively promoting better outcomes for growers 

  • Returning the proceeds of Horticentre, TasmanCrop and HortFertplus’ trading activities to the grower via the provision of grants that support education, training and research.

  • Provide support to horticulture and viticulture growing in New Zealand.